WIPs and FOs: Socks… and more socks.

I think I’m developing an obsession. I’ve heard sock knitting was addictive… I’ve fallen for the bug hard. The yarn, the pattern variations, the thrill of completing a pair- it all adds up to one big happy place for me. In the past month, I’ve finished a pair of socks and I’m on my second.

The first pair of socks I began was the Samurai socks in the book Knitted Socks East and West. I made a  bunch of modifications to it, and it turned out great! First, I knit them two at a time on magic loop. I’m in love with this method of knitting! It works really well and I find it super speedy.

I also reduced the repeat of the cable pattern from 2 times to once because I was worried about my yarn quantity. In the end, I was left with enough yarn to make 1-2 baby socks… but it was better than risk having to do the toes in a weird color! I also used a strong heel and a classic round toe. You can check out the project page on Ravelry for more details.

After this pair of socks, I wanted something a bit easier. I decided to knit the classic Hermoine’s Everyday Socks but from the toe up, two at a time instead. After trying toe-up socks once, I doubt I’ll ever go back to regular sock knitting! Knitting socks from the toe up are so much fun, and I find it way easier and more relaxing.


I’ve made way more progress on these socks now- the heels are turned and I’m halfway through the cuff. I used the fish lips kiss heel and I am never going back to the regular heel turn. It fits me really well and I found it very easy to do.

In other sock news, I bought two new skeins of delightful sock yarn. One of the skeins I plan to turn into a design that will be published by the spring… stay tuned! Can you guess which one?

I’m curious as to what your favorite things to knit are! Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I’m with you on socks! I currently have two on the needles and I have joined Helen Stewart’s Handmade Sock Society. I love the idea of two at a time on one long circular, and my next pair will be toe up (ala Ann Budd) because I don’t want to guess or have too much yarn left over. Your socks are very pretty.

    1. Oooh, a sock society!? Sounds like tons of fun. Two at a time socks toe up are LIFE CHANGING- I would definitely advise trying it. If you do, the best tip I could give you is to get a good needle, like Addi Turbos or Signatures. I’m so happy you like my socks:)

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