Why is Knitting Special, Anyways?

We’re all crazies here, right? I mean, we get entertained by pulling string loop by loop with sticks. That’s all knitting is, essentially. Loop by loop, we trek towards our next finished item.

 Sometimes, we have fancy string. The finest wool, the best cashmere. Sometimes, the string is plastic, melting when we try to splash it with the seemingly magic mixture of an iron, soap, and water that we think will turn our mistakes into knitting our grandmas would be jealous of (hint: this never works. unless you’re actually magic. still, string seems to resist all sorts of spells). And sometimes, we stash our sticks and string in containers, or freezers, saving up for when all the sheep on the planet get abducted to Mars and everyone in the world gets hooked on knitting, leaving us addicts yarn less.

For the elite, even the sticks we use are suave and chic. Metal spears, warm bamboo skewers that bend or break to show our stress and over enthusiasm, magic plastic wands that allow us to share knitting with the youngest of soon to be fiber lovers.

Why do we love this seemingly simple craft? Are we just losing our yarn balls, or is there really something special about knitting. I think…I hope it’s because of the latter. Just to prove it, here are 10 things that make knitting special.

1. It’s Fun.

Put simply. It’s like playing. Feeling the yarn flowing through my hands like a flowing river of possibility…casting on projects that inspire me…even swatching, the bane of knitters, is fun. Knitting is a simple sort of play, but to me, the best sort.

2. It’s Addicting.

I just can’t stop. Maybe I’m past the point of actually enjoying it and I don’t know. Hey, it’s better than chocolate addiction, right (queue the “right, Sacia”…hehe…help).

3. Knitting is Relaxing.

Nothing’s better than sitting in my bed with handmade, fuzzy pink slippers, a big mug of golden milk, a good book loaded on my Kindle, and mindlessly knitting. Even the hard stuff is still relaxing. Looping, stitch by stitch, second by second.

4. It’s Challenging.

Knitting can be hard, folks. Dropping stitches in that 2 color brioche sweater? That’s hard. Reading a chart while trying to pay attention to Sherlock? Hard. But within the challenge of knitting, I can flourish, and grow, not only as a knitter but as a person.

5. Knitting is Wizardry.

I don’t know why Harry Potter didn’t just knit. It really is the best kind of magic. Cables, with their magical twisting and flowing. Lace, with its wonderful reaction to water, opening up like an orange lily blossoming in the day light… and yarn.

[clickToTweet tweet=”I don’t know why Harry Potter didn’t just knit. It really is the best kind of magic. ” quote=”‘I don’t know why Harry Potter didn’t just knit. It really is the best kind of magic. ‘”]

How could we forget the yarn, the threads to knit our love together into something real, something from our soul that matters. If you want to fund the Hogwarts School of Knitting…email me.

6. Mistakes Don’t Exist.

When you’re knitting, there are two ways to go, and neither of them involves the words “I’ve made a mistake”. If you’ve made a minor error, it was on purpose. Don’t deny it. That’s just a design feature, that knit 10 together through the back loop. Yup. Totally on purpose.

If you’ve made a sweater that would be better suited as a car cozy… you can rip it out. Boom. Mistake? What mistake? Or, it is a car cozy. My car looks cold, give it to me!

7. I’m no Longer a Hermit.

I’m quite introverted. Oddly enough, this craft that can be very solemn, something that you use to escape the world, can also become a way to really connect with other people in ways you never have before. In my current knitting group, I’ve met people who are really interesting and have amazing stories to tell. 

Some of my closest friends actually knit, and when I found out, we got closer almost instantly. It’s amazing how having just one passion in common can bring so many people together.

8. It Inspires Me.

At my knitting group last week, the woman who runs it explained that her hope for her next life is to only focus on 1 craft. She said that she’s so passionate about knitting, and crochet, and sewing, quilting, cross stitch… that she has to craft all day! Knitting, and crafting in general, is inspiring. It gives you time to think about ideas, to mull over sparks of creativity, and captures them into something you can wear and use.

9. Yarn is a Party Animal.

Yarn…the love of my life. Yarn is under rated by non-knitters. It’s just string. But yarn isn’t just a mundane tool to knit with. Yarn has a soul of its own, a heart, a longing to become a hat, sweater, a pair of bright blue socks to be worn every day by someone who loves them. Sometimes, the yarn doesn’t do what you tell it to…but that’s what makes it great. That cowl you thought you were making? Well… the yarn wants to be a tube top, instead. You thought you were making a scarf? Nope…it’s actually a cat hat! Yarn has a life of its own.

10. Knitting Makes Me Feel Smart.

When I’m knitting in public, I feel like I know a hidden secret, something that only a secret society know. Counting stitches are math, and so is designing, or trying to fit the stitch pattern that’s a multiple of 13 stitches into a sweater, or grading(the bane of my existence). Knitting with 3 colors makes me feel clever, and crossing intricate cables make me feel impressive. I get to be an Einstein in my own right, if only for a passing moment.

Knitting is special, magical, and wonderful. It’s healthy, it’s fun, relaxing and challenging. A giant contradiction of yarn and sticks and life. It makes me feel alive, vibrant, and happy. I love knitting, and I do hope knitting loves me.

Let me know in the comments below. What do you find special about knitting?

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  1. That it can be done so simply and inexpensively–2 stickes and string. Or if one has the funds can be done with the most exotic of fibers and tools (qiviut anyone?).

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