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Knitting is two-faced. While yes, it is technically two-faced- with one face usually being uglier than the other unless you perform a magic called a “reversible stitch pattern”, it’s also two-faced in the way it can both entirely take over your life, heal you, and make you feel considerably warmer while simultaneously boring people who have never tried it.

It takes a great deal of effort to teach knitting. Getting someone to try it in the first place can be a struggle- it’s underrepresented and thus comes off as something only boring, aging old women do (despite the fact that there are many very fun, older knitting woman!). Unless you were essentially “born into” a knitting family- the Yarn Harlot and her kids learned at a very young age- it is difficult to stumble upon a love for the craft.

Let me explain how I got into it. Hi, I’m Sacia. I’m a 15(almost 16) year old knitter and I’ve been knitting for 6 years now.

That’s me!

I started knitting in the year 2011 when I was 9 years old. I taught myself how to knit. I first found out about the yarn world when my great grandma got into a car accident. She had to come live with my grandparents, and I was staying with them at the time. She had to have aids help her because she could not walk. Many of her aids brought their crocheting with them. I am by nature a curious person and eventually worked up the courage to ask one of them if they could teach me how to crochet. One of her aids taught me, giving me a big ball of acrylic yarn and a crochet hook. I didn’t have any patterns so I just made up little things for my dolls, but I eventually lost interest. I didn’t think about anything yarn related until a few years later. In 2011, I went to Barnes & Nobles with my grandma. I loved(and still love) to read so I was planning to get some new books. While I was looking for books, I stumbled upon a “Learn to Knit” kit. Why it intrigued me still boggles my mind but I was suddenly determined to knit.

I spent hours, and then days researching until I finally completed my first row of knitting. I learned in the continental style and I am grateful that I did because I can now knit a lot faster. I researched knitting patterns and yarn, but my knitting obsession didn’t really bloom until I met my fiber art mentor, Tina.

Tina owned a yarn store near my grandparent’s house. When I first walked into the shop, she took me under her wing right away. I joined her knitting group and bought yarn from her weekly, which eventually accumulated into a yarn stash large enough for my mom to comment that I “had a lot of yarn and to please put some in the basement.” I got a spinning wheel and Tina helped me learn to knit better, spin yarn, and even dye yarn and Fiber. I started a little business selling my dyed yarns, but it didn’t last very long.

I’m starting this blog because I recently decided to undertake becoming a master knitter. My goal is to become the TKGA’s youngest master knitter. I tend to quit things out of boredom so this blog will be a way for me to stay accountable. A Purl Stitch is a haven for knitters and fiber lovers of all ages to get inspired and strive towards mastery. I am also an (aspiring) knitwear designer and will be sharing my patterns and designs with you.

I will update this blog twice a week with updates about my Master Knitter progress, new and/or published designs, life updates, and knitting tutorials. If you too want to become a master knitter with me or simply want to get inspired or knit something new, I encourage you to follow along on my journey.

I want to hear about you too! Please feel free to leave a comment below and share this post with you friends. Thank you for joining me as I progress towards becoming a master knitter.

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  1. I love your blog. I’ve been knitting since I was a little girl and I do it the fast way forever..Keep up the good work.😀

  2. Hi Sacia. Did you sign up already for the Master Kniter program? I have thought about it a couple of times but never contacted them. Good luck. You may be the inspiration I need to joint the program.

    1. Yes, I have! It was about a 2-day process to sign up. It is hard to find the time to knit the swatches, though. I’m working on the report to write and will probably post it when it is completed. It’s like a college course!

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