Friday’s Faves: Cloudborn yarn, Sunset Highway, Lakefront shawl

Photo by Sacia Ashe

Friday has finally arrived and I’m excited to share my very first Friday’s Faves with you! Tons of awesome patterns have been released this week, and I found some beautiful yarns to share with you. 

Lakefront by Alicia Plumber is simply stunning.  This shawl and the pictures of it are so inspiring! 

Photo by Alicia Plumber. Photo by Alicia Plumber.

It’s definitely on my queue for next spring.

I was looking around for the perfect yarn to use for my very first knitting design (details will be released soon, so make sure to hop onto the A Purl Stitch newsletter to stay updated!) and I found the Cloudborn yarn by Craftsy. It’s a worsted weight, and it’s perfect. It has great stitch definition, with great colors. The merino wool makes it cuddly soft, too. I’m thinking of a nice mustard or orange as the main color for my design.

Photo by Craftsy  Photo by Craftsy

As much as I want to deny it, as a knitter you have to accept that you start thinking about fall and the holidays in July. The Sunset Highway sweater by Caitlin Hunter is going to be my next sweater cast-on for sure! It looks amazingly cozy and the fair isle yoke is stunning. 

Photo by Caitlin Hunter Photo by Caitlin Hunter

I’ve been dying to try a fair isle yoke, so I think this will be a great dive into that.

I went to a local handmade store and they were having a “makers supplies” clean out! I got just about 800 yards of the untuvainen yarn for only $12.

Photo by Sacia Ashe Photo by Sacia Ashe

The Drops Sweet Simplicity sweater pattern will be perfect for the sweater I’m envisioning.

I couldn’t finish with a food favorite! I eat a mostly plant based diet, and I’ve been loving to try new things for breakfast. This smoothie bowl is perfect for the summer heat, and so energizing!

Photo by Sacia Ashe Photo by Sacia Ashe

I blended 3 bananas with spinach, cocoa powder, PB 2 Powder, and topped it with fresh peaches, PB, and (my favorite) muesli!

Have anything you want to share? Leave a comment below, or email me– I want to hear from you!

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