Dye One, Purl Two: An Interview with Stacey from Fresh Stitches

I’m so excited to share this week’s interview with you! Stacey is a knitting and crochet designer, and she’s the creative mastermind behind Fresh Stitches. She designs crochet amigurumi, as well as knitting patterns. I’ve been following her blog for a long time. When I first found out about her, I read all of her posts in about 3 days- and she has a lot. She’s just that awesome! 

Photo: Fresh Stitches

Stacey was kind enough to offer you one month of her Ami Club free, which you can find at the end of the post. On to the interview!

How did you first get started designing?
I began designing in 2008… I was just playing around with different shapes and configurations. My first animals were a lion, koala and a snail!

What are your favorite tools?
I love locking stitch markers for counting my rounds and a metal inline hook. I like Susan Bates- Kollage Square’s crochet hook is also inline, and you can choose a pointy or round tip. That’s a nice feature!

Photo: Fresh Stitches

How do you organize your supplies and WIP’s?
I have a lovely hook organizer from Chetnanigans which keeps all of my sizes organized and in a beautiful display. And I have a small, zippered case that I carry around in my bag that has a hook, scissors, stitch markers, a tapestry needle and other odds and ends.

What does your average day as a crochet designer look like?
Despite what you’d think, I don’t actually spend very much time crocheting! Most of my time is spent answering customer emails, checking in on my Forums, formatting patterns, creating blog posts… that sort of thing! It’s a lot of time in front of the computer! I also run a retail site, selling craft eyes and notions, so there are shipping orders as well. I spend only a tiny bit of time a week crocheting!

Do you prefer knitting, crocheting, spinning…?
I can’t pick! I love them all! I tend to do a lot of knitting for fun, though, since it’s different from my ‘work’ projects.

(Sacia’s note: I’m multicraftual too!)

What’s your favorite place to craft?
On my sofa!

Photo: Fresh Stitches

What are you working on right now?
SO much! I’m knitting a shawl for myself for fun, and crocheting designs for the upcoming releases (I release an exclusive pattern each month to my Ami Club members). I also love baking bread… I do it a few times a week!

(Sacia’s note: if you’ve never baked your own bread…try it today. Seriously, so good.)

What are your favorite aspects of running a crochet design business?
My favorite part is the flexibility and my customers. For example, this morning, I went to a yoga class and I’ll just work a bit later than usual to compensate. I love that flexibility in my time. And my customers are wonderful- I love seeing what they’re working on and it makes me so happy to hear I’ve taught someone something new!

Any tips for someone looking to get started running a crochet patterns business?
Keep at it! It’s never very easy to start, but if you keep putting out a quality, consistent product, over time you’ll develop a following. I also recommend beginning designers join Ami Club (coupon code below!)– we have a special section just for designers and makers who are selling their products. It’s a place we can share tips and inspire each other!

Photo: Fresh Stitches

Where can we find you?
My site: freshstitches.com
Instagram: ami.club
Facebook: facebook.com/freshstitches

Stacey was kind enough to offer all of you one month of the Ami Club free, by using the code TRYAMICLUB. You guys will definitely want to check it out. 

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