My Day as a Teen Knitwear Designer

I’m always a sucker for blog posts describing the day and routines they have. It helps me think of new ideas to incorporate into my life, and they’re just really fun to read! I thought I would show you what I do every day as a teen designer.

The following is what a school day for me is like. On weekends, it’s basically the same thing but I have more time to knit, blog, and relax.

Learn about my life as a teen knitwear designer (plus my morning and night routines!

5:00 am: I try to wake up bright and early on weekends and summer days, too! I love the morning time. When I wake up, I make my bed right away (it’s a new habit I am trying to build), and then I head into the kitchen.

5:05 am: I drink 2-4 cups of water when I wake up, usually with apple cider vinegar or lemon. Then, I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I also journal while drinking water.

5:15-5:30 am: Time to walk my dogs! I walk my 2 dogs with my little sister for 15 minutes, and feed them.

5:30-6:00 am: This is when I make breakfast and lunch! I usually make a smoothie for breakfast, and some sort of rice bowl, wrap, or potato dish for lunch. I eat a bit of breakfast before dance in the car, but eat most of it after dance.

6:00- 6:10 am: Time to meditate! I practice Falun Gong, and do meditation for 10-15 minutes.

6:10-6:30 am: I do my hair, get on makeup, wash my face, and get dressed at this time.

6:30-7:00 am: Depending on the time I have left, I either like to spend this time knitting for the master knitting program, studying while I eat a few bites of my smoothie bowl, sketching a new design, flipping through a stitch dictionary, or writing a blog post. 

7:20 – 7:50 am: Time to drive to school! I knit in the car ( my mom drives me) and this is a really good time to work on socks or design samples.

8:00-12:00 am: Dance time! 4 hours of ballet leaves me hungry for lunch. 

12:00-1:00 pm: I quickly eat my lunch, and then get out my laptop to work on a blog post. This is prime time for blog post writing! Sometimes, I will relax on Twitter or YouTube, or if I have a test or HW, I will work on that.

1:00-4:30 pm: Boring old school time! I try to finish as much HW as possible during my free periods, so no procrastinating, knitting, or blogging at this time!

5:00-8:00 pm: This is when I study, eat dinner, do my chores, shower/brush teeth/wash face, pack and plan for the next day, etc. 

8:00 pm-9:00 pm: Time for self care, stretching, and relaxing. Then, off to bed I go!

I hope you found this interesting! Let me know in the comments when your favorite time to knit is.

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