How to Add an Afterthought Lifeline to Your Knitting (Fix Lace Mistakes Instantly!)

Lace knitting is definitely a scary thing for knitters who have yet to try it. One reason behind this fear is that lace is notoriously difficult to fix because it’s hard to pick up yarn overs and decreased stitches after ripping out mistakes. Being able to put in an afterthought lifeline totally changes the lace knitting game.

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What To Do In A Knitting Rut

Knitting for others can burn you out, especially if you’re doing it last minute as most holiday gift-giving knitters are. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to rope your way back from a knitting rut. Within the 6+ years I’ve been knitting, I’ve gone through my fair share of boring knitting periods- but I’m still knitting strong!

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Flicking Your Way to Better Knitting: Knitting Faster English Style

    Ready to finally knit faster with better tension and LESS pain? Try flicking, the English speed knitting alternative to lever knitting.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with different knitting styles to try and increase my knitting ergonomics and speed. So far, I’ve tried combination, Portuguese, and lever knitting- none of which helped my thumb pain I was experiencing when knitting. About a week ago I decided to take matters into my right hand and try flicking. 

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