How to Add an Afterthought Lifeline to Your Knitting (Fix Lace Mistakes Instantly!)

Lace knitting is definitely a scary thing for knitters who have yet to try it. One reason behind this fear is that lace is notoriously difficult to fix because it’s hard to pick up yarn overs and decreased stitches after ripping out mistakes. Being able to put in an afterthought lifeline totally changes the lace knitting game.

I’ve recently started knitting the Nurmilintu Shawl, which is a free (but still awesome!) pattern on Ravelry. It’s fairly mindless and consists of garter stitch and some lace sections. it’s my first time knitting a shawl, and only my second time knitting lace.

I made a mistake on the whole chart reading situation, which I tried to deny until I realized that my lace was looking more like random holes, and my stitch count was very off. 

Luckily, I knew how to add lifelines to my knitting after the fact! I wanted to show you guys how to do that here. You only need 2 tools: a tapestry needle and some waste thread or dental floss. You can also use a circular needle a few sizes smaller than your current needle size.

How to Add the Afterthought Lifeline

It’s a very simple process to add a lifeline. For western knitters, pick up the right leg of your knit stitches. For eastern or combined knitters, pick up the left leg of your knit stitches. If you are fixing garter stitch, make sure to put the lifeline into a knit stitch row.

Then, it’s time to… rrrrriiiipppp! Now you can rip out your knitting without fear. There is one caveat though- when you come up to the last few stitches, go more slowly and carefully because if you pull too hard the lifeline could tangle with the stitches and make them really hard to put back on your needle.

That’s it! Knowing that you can always go back no matter what gives you ownership over your knitting because nothing is impossible to fix. Go forth as a fearless knitter!

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