Knitting While Traveling: My Top 5 Tips For Knitting On The Go


Knitting on the go has been a struggle for me- until now! After years of dropping stitches, being left stranded without my knitting, and resorting to odd measures to get my knitting fix, I desperately hope I have figured out how to efficiently and safely knit on the go!

I’m going to Vogue Knitting Live on Sunday, so I’m getting ready for a TON of knitting while traveling. From subways to the actual knitting classes, I plan on getting lots of knitting progress. I thought I’d list some of my top tips for knitting on the go. 

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Keep in mind that these tips don’t apply to knitting on the plane, as there are different rules and regulations at each airport. Here’s a great post by the TSA on airplane knitting.

1. Bring the right project!

The keys to making knitting on the go fun are having a project that is meant for travel. Socks are perfect travel projects- they take quite a while to knit but don’t need much yarn, they fit in even a small purse, and if you knit them on circular needles the stitches won’t drop.

I love knitting two at a time, toe up, afterthought heel socks for traveling because you can just knit until you run out of yarn. Some other good travel projects are mindless shawls, hats, and cowls. 

2. Protect Your Stitches.

There are a couple of things that will make knitting on the run a whole lot easier. First, get a GoKnit pouch or a Field Bag. These are knitting bags that attach to a belt or on your wrist, making it possible to knit while walking or on the subway- tangle free!

I would also advise picking up some DPN needle protectors and/or knitting needle stoppers so that your stitches don’t fall out. If you are using slippery needles, then this is mandatory. 

A homemade project bag.

3. Stick with knitting in the round.

It’s a whole lot easier to prevent your knitting from splaying everywhere when knitting on circular needles. I don’t suggest DPNs, though, because they have a tendency to drop into cracks. Who needs DPNs when you have magic loop knitting?

4. Bring backup projects when knitting on the go!

This is important. If your stitches drop on a project or you get bored o the one you brought along, it’s really nice to have a second project ready. If you’re a knitting addict like me… just trust me on this one.

5. Knit everywhere and anywhere.

In order to make knitting on the o worth it, you can’t be worried about people judging the fact that you are knitting. Just knit. You’ll get so much done that any strange glances at your needles will be well worth it. Plus, you’re armed;).

Are you going to Vogue Knitting Live? Let me know in the comments!

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